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The End of the Race
  • Do I need my own dirt bike?
    Planet Dirt has dirt bikes for your use included in the tuition. In the event that you have your own dirt bike, you are welcome to use it.
  • Who developed the training program?
    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Dirt Bike School was developed from the MSF Off-Highway Motorcycle Program. Designed as an introduction to off-highway motorcycle riding, the school is taught by a nationwide network of Dirt Bike School coaches.
  • How many students do you have in a course?
    Kids classes are a maximum size of 4 to 6 participants based on age and experience of riders. Adult classes can host up to 8 riders.
  • How much riding do we get to do?
    Courses are approximately 5 hours depending on weather, course size and the abilities of the students. You'll be on the riding course the entire time with plenty of hands-on instruction in real-world riding situations.
  • What will I learn at Dirt Bike School?
    The MSF Dirt Bike School is a great way for adults to learn how to ride off-road motorcycles. For new or experienced street riders, Dirt Bike School will open new opportunities for riding. And for those considering street riding, many adults find it is an excellent first step toward taking the street-oriented MSF Basic Rider Course. The school begins with the basics: sitting on the motorcycle, location and operation of controls, and straight-line riding. When you are ready, you'll learn how to ride in circles, make sharp turns, and how to ride on hills. Additional exercises are available for more experienced riders. You'll also learn about responsible riding practices, including risk management and environmental awareness. By the end of the school, you will have a solid understanding of the techniques every off-road rider needs to stay safe, act responsibly, and most importantly, have fun.
  • Can I send my kids to Dirt Bike School?
    Definitely! The Dirt Bike School is a great way to make their first step the right one. In fact, there is no better way to show your kids how you value safety than by attending the course together. Students as young as six years of age are allowed to enroll. Currently over 50% of Dirt Bike School students are children age 16 and under.
  • Will I be taught to race?
    No, but you will be taught the skills necessary to safely ride an off-highway motorcycle. Where that takes you is up to you.
  • I have never ridden a street motorcycle before. Should I take a Dirt Bike course first?
    That is a great idea. You will learn how to shift, balance, maneuver and stop a motorcycle, plus some mental skills to help keep you safe. This will be a huge asset if you decide to take the Training Wheels MSF Basic RiderCourse for street motorcycles.
  • What size dirt bike will I be riding?
    Dirt bikes are assigned by the instructor based on age, size and your personal preferences. Feel free to discuss your current abilities as well as future goals pertaining to bike sizes with the instructor. They will be happy to let you try larger or smaller sized bikes as the course progresses, based on your abilities. Small Dirt Bikes - 50cc - 70cc, four stroke engines automatic clutches 3 & 4 speed transmissions approx 21" - 26" seat heights Medium Dirt Bikes - 80cc - 150cc, four stroke engines standard clutches 4 & 5 speed transmissions approx 26" to 31" seat heights Large Dirt Bikes - 80cc - 250cc, four stroke engines standard clutches 4 & 5 speed transmissions approx 29" to 34" seat heights
  • What gear do I need?
    During the course, you must wear the proper riding gear whenever operating the motorcycle. This includes: - DOT-approved motorcycle helmet (loaner helmets are available at no charge) - Goggles or face-shield (loaner goggles are available at no charge) - Over-the-ankle boots - Full-fingered motorcycle gloves - Long pants - Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Should I practice before the class?
    No. Why not you ask? Would you practice sky diving? Probably not before you knew how.
  • After I learn to ride with Planet Dirt, where can I ride my Dirtbike?"
    The great folks at Rider Planet USA provide a complete listing of all legal places to ride dirt bikes in the US.
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