If recess is your favorite subject...

We have got a course for you!

  • Introduction of coaches and other students

  • Importance of personal protective gear

  • Proper motorcycle setup

  • Pre-ride inspection

  • Know the range signals

  • Rules of riding on the range

  • Warm up and stretching

  • Proper use of the protective gear

  • Correct mounting and dismounting procedure

  • Correct posture

  • Proper operation of controls

  • Use of FINE-C procedure to start the engine

  • Proper shutdown procedure

  • Accurate clutch/throttle usage

  • Control of the motorcycle

  • Smooth motion while starting and stopping

  • Head and eyes up, looking ahead

  • Knees in against tank

  • Smooth brake application

  • Smooth, controlled starts, using the friction zone

  • Controlled, accurate stops, using both brakes

  • Proper foot placement

  • Correct standing posture

  • Eyes and head up

  • Smooth clutch and throttle control

  • Maintain control of motorcycle

  • Use proper procedures and techniques when shifting

  • Coordinate clutch and throttle control

  • Match engine speed with motorcycle speed

  • Ease clutch out smoothly for downshifting

  • Correct riding posture

  • Steady, smooth throttle

  • Look ahead

  • Initiate turn using the lower body

  • Maintain an adequate following distance

  • State causes of motorcycle mishaps

  • Name a strategy to help manage risk

  • Identify terrain variables that influence decisions

  • Correct riding posture

  • Look through turns

  • Proper weight shift

  • Smooth throttle control

  • Smooth shifts

  • Maintain a safe following distance

  • Use SEE strategy to reduce risks

  • Proper standing rider posture

  • Look ahead

  • Lean motorcycle in the direction of turn

  • Weight outside footpeg

  • Upper body positioned on outside of turn

  • Use clutch/throttle to maintain directional control

  • Approach obstacle close to 90 degrees

  • Slow before obstacle

  • Stand on footpegs with knees and elbows bent

  • Unweight the front end as front wheel reaches obstacle

  • Name positive and responsible riding behaviors

  • Name laws that apply in your area

  • Understanding steps to be covered in post-ride check

  • Class dismissal

Level 2 exercises are offered at the discretion of the instructor based on the skill level of the class.

All riders, regardless of your skill level, will participate in 100% of Level 1 exercises.

  • Perform K-Turn when you have lost momentum going up a hill

  • Ride up, turn around and ride down a hill

  • Use the correct technique to ride across a hill

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